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Trophy Redfish Hunter From Japan

I had Mr Tadayoshi Sakurai on board for a stretch of 4 days.  Although he knew little english he did bring a translation book that he gave to me after i tried to explain left, right, 11 o’clock, etc.  So I looked up some directional words and went to work.  The only words I focused on was left, right, out in front, close, and far.  He was able to see the fish well so as long as I got him looking in the right direction he could usually lock in and make the cast.  We fished a new area each day due to conditions and did well each day.  The trophies for the trip were a 27 and 34 lb redfish and a monster 8.5 lbs sheepshead which would of been a state record had I known that the state record was only 8.15 lbs.