The Moon Sled

Capt Greg Moon and I had a pretty good time testing his new East Cape Fury . This boat is pretty incredible. I may just be saying that because Im also getting one in the next week or so  but the facts don’t lie.  The boat is setup perfectly with great storage and rigged out beautifully with the wiring and electrical placement perfect with easy access and still out of the way.  As for performance the boat is a tank when it comes to chop and turning.  With the 90 E-tec on it the boat has some series get up and go power. The top speed is still only 40mph but with a new prop we are hoping to see 45-50mph.  As for poling and draft it didn’t disappoint.  It poled much like a Lostman but with a little more weight in the wind with its higher sides and 15-20 mph winds we had yesterday.  The draft was extremely skinny, we didn’t have a ruler but i would put money on we were floating in max 6 in yesterday with 2 people, a full tank of gas, and a full ice chest.  I cant wait to get mine