Mike’s last day of Louisiana redfishing

My buddy Mike from the shop is packing up and moving to Denver.  After fishing Louisiana marsh for years and never having a good opportunity on a trophy fish we decided to make it happen.  After adjusting our presentation from smacking the fish to actually leading the fish we started getting true refusals on the purple fly.  We made the switch to brown and it was on.  We caught some little guys and had 4 takes by big fish before we finally got a hook in.  Good fish to hook into though.  This beast went about 30.5.

Floating Bull Redfish in Louisiana

We had a great day this day with non stop shots at huge floating bull reds.  The fish were so happy they were daisy chaining on the surface with their tails waving in the air.  It was a sight to see.  Even though some fish were being picky with the bite we had so many shots we obviously capitalized on some.

Last days of Venice clean water

Here are some picks from the last successful trip I took out of Venice before the water rose and brought with it the chocolate milk.  Partly cloudy with every bit of a 30 mph wind.

Recent Big Redfish Caught on Fly

This has been a great fall so far.  As the temperature drops and winter sets in the game changes but the results should stay the same.

12 yr Old With a Huge Redfish He Caught on the Fly

I had a great time fishing with the Greens.  They were both great anglers but Daniel at the age of 12 is better then most adults I have seen.  Daniel can not only see the fish, accurately cast at the fish (with distance), but also remembers to strip set on the take. Needless to say we had a good day.  Big fish for Daniel which was also big fish for the day was this 28 lb beauty. 

Captain Lucas Bissett

Of my thirty-one years on this earth I have been fishing twenty-six. I learned from an extremely young age just how addicting fishing truly could be. I started my fishing tenure chasing large mouth bass in the back waters of Southern Louisiana. I knew from those first topwater blow-ups that fishing had to be a major part of my life. After getting my first fly-rod at 12, I discovered there was a whole new obsession out there and it was far stronger than I ever knew. Over the years I have lived in a few different states, but what has always remained the same was my passion for fishing and the relentless pursuit I put into catching the next fish. Going to college in Florida exposed me to the world of saltwater fishing where I got my first taste of an array of new species that all seemed to be hard fighting aggressive eating machines. After that first trip, I made it my goal to bring the excitement I experienced to others who weren’t able to experience it on their own. After college, I moved back to my true home and picked up where I had left off. The only difference this time was that I had a fly rod in my hand and I was ready to prowl the marshes of our coast in search of the fishing fix I was in desperate need off. Fly Fishing has brought me a level of excitement I can’t put into words, the only way to truly experience it is to come down here and do it!