• About 5-6 hours of on the water time. If you’re staying at a hotel in New Orleans, we can pick you up at the front door. If you are located elsewhere

    in or around the city, we can meet for breakfast at Penny’s in Violet, La

  • We recommended half-day trips for Spring/Summer due to hot conditions and afternoon storms.

    What to Bring


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Full Day

  • About 7-8 hours of on the water time. Again, we can arrange to meet you for breakfast or pick you up in town.

  • We recommend full-day trips for Fall/Winter due to longer runs to the fishing grounds and milder temperatures. Also in the fall and winter, the fish tend to be more active later in the day as the sun warms the flats.

    What to Bring


Call (985)-264-7556

Full Day Fly in Fly Out

  • This option is for those who want a speedy trip to the fishing grounds while also enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Louisiana marshes from an aerial perspective.

  • The trip begins at Southern Seaplane at 8:00 am.  You can either drive there or we can arrange transportation for you from your hotel.  After about a 30 minute flight, you will meet with your guide in the most remote corners of Louisiana’s marsh lands.

  • You will be able to fish the best trophy redfish areas in the world for a full day after which you will ride the Seaplane back to civilization.

    What to Bring

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