Oct 6-7

Day one started off with a bang with the first cast catching this 20 lb stud.

After this start it was tough to beat. We managed to catch plenty of fish but none this big.  Due to the wind we did have to break out the spin gear but we did keep it interesting by throwing this massive tuna popper.  It was pretty sweet to watch a red take that thing down. 

The second day was even more interesting with the winds blowing 25-30 mph. We fished close to the launch just to keep it safe and sure enough we found fish.  I knew it was going to be good when we pull up and immediately see three tournament boats fishing the same area.  With the winds so bad we actually spent most of our day just staked out in one area, but it was all we needed. We had fish busting around us constantly and when the sun actually came out it was almost a sure thing you were going to get a shot.  Here is one of the many fish we caught.

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