Happy Thanksgiving!!! Redfish Picture Catch Up

These pictures cover about 5 or 6 days during mid to late October.  We had a variety of fish with Mike catching a bunch of 18-24 lb fish and one that went very close to 30.  Jason came in on a less then desirable day with windy and cloudy conditions.  He made the most of the shots we had and he stuck this 24 lber.  Mark and I had a very interesting day… His wife kim was a mild Birder and after letting her off on the beach to check out some birds we take our eyes off of her for about a min and just like that she was about a mile down the beach which I was unable to get to due to the shallow water.  So Mark and I had to sit and wait.  Luckily earlier that day Mark got this 31 lber and Kim actually hooked (I SWEAR) what would of been a 20 lb tippet world record for women!!! Lost it on one single blade of grass.  Maybe next time…

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