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Dennis and Jack Catching not Fishing

Dennis and Jack come to fish.  They are both very experienced fisherman and both fish hard.  Right out the gate Jack hooks up with a nice 25 lb fish.  After that we kinda had a slump with big fish.  We were consistently sticking fish but none were over 15 lbs.  Day 2 was better. The wind died and we were able to fish an area that I love to fish but it’s extremely weather dependent.  We had shot after shot on 10-15 lb fish and at a certain point we just started passing on the smaller fish looking for 20+ lb fish.  We stuck 2 good ones before the mullet boats moved in on us and ruined the fishing.  These mullet boats have to be some of the most inconsiderate fisherman I have ever seen, I’ve been burned too much by these guys this season.