Key West

Well the weather was perfect, the tarpon were there, but we just couldn’t make it happen.  We did get this nice size bull shark to eat and also picked up a snook in the everglades on the way back.  So it wasn’t a complete failure.

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New Orleans Experience

With this trip option, you will not only be able to fish the remote Louisiana marshes, but you will also enjoy the food, culture, and nightlife in the New Orleans downtown area. We will arrange a pick-up for you and your guests at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (MSY) or driving directions can be […]

Biloxi Marsh Camping Trip

  We can meet you at Penny’s Cafe in Violet, at Breton Sound Marina, or make other arrangements based on your convenience. We will head out early in the morning and travel straight to the camping grounds to drop off our gear. After this, the fishing begins. Camping in the remote Louisiana marshes will provide […]

Half Day – $450

About 5-6 hours of on the water time. If you’re staying at a hotel in New Orleans, we can pick you up at the front door. If you are located elsewhere in or around the city, we can meet for breakfast at Penny’s in Violet, La. We recommended half-day trips for Spring/Summer due to hot […]

Full Day – $575

About 7-8 hours of on the water time. Again, we can arrange to meet you for breakfast at Penny’s or pick you up in town. We recommend full-day trips for Fall/Winter due to longer runs to the fishing grounds and cooler temperatures. Also in the fall and winter, the fish tend to be more active […]

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