The Kerns Come fish Louisiana

After staying with Matt and Candace Kern in Rockport I told them they should come over and do one day Inshore fishing and we will do one day Offshore fishing.  Well the Inshore fishing was less then great due to a front that pushed the fish down, we did manage to land this nice size […]

Rockport Trip

I had the pleasure of traveling to Rockport Texas to Swan Point Landing Outfitters to give a presentation about Louisiana’s redfish fishery.  I stayed and fished with Matt Kern, a client turned friend, who is not a guide but might as well be.  With reports of slow fishing we did not have very high expectations I […]

Best Days EVER!

Tuesday – Thursday of last week were the 3 most ridiculous days i’ve EVER had.  David Mangum, Greg Dini, and I went out to see what the fishing was like after the storm.  David brought along all his camera gear so naturally I figured if there is this many cameras on board the trip was destine […]

Jack Fishing Footage Caught on my Iphone

Fly Fishing For Jacks in Louisiana

Recently we have had some Jacks coming in and crushing schools of mullet on the same flats we are catching monster bull reds.  Although these creatures are fast moving and only give you a small window to get a shot on them if you put the fly in the right place and move it fast […]

Bull Redfish on the Fly in the Summer?

Had the pleasure of fishing Boman Lapp on the bow of my boat this day.  He is an ex-guide who was very able to cast the 12 wt we were throwing.  I knew with the perfect conditions and the ability of my caster we could pick and choose our fish(25+ lbers). We did just that.  We landed 5 […]

Redfish Topwater Popping in the Shade

I had two days of fishing with Carlyle and with great weather the first day it wasn’t a problem getting to the big fish grounds and even sticking a few of them.  Day two presented a challenge with overcast skies and varying winds from calm to 15+mph.   We decided to stay close, mostly due to […]

Trophy Redfish Hunter From Japan

I had Mr Tadayoshi Sakurai on board for a stretch of 4 days.  Although he knew little english he did bring a translation book that he gave to me after i tried to explain left, right, 11 o’clock, etc.  So I looked up some directional words and went to work.  The only words I focused on was left, […]

Solo Scout Trip = Some Great Stills

Headed out on my own to get some footage of these beasts swimming around and maybe sticking one or two.  The weather was on and the fish were there.  Here are some stills that I thought came out pretty sweet.

Color Blind Yet Seeing Red Fish

Had the pleasure of fishing with John and Gary these two days and with decent weather and decent tides we made our way to the big fish grounds.  With dirty water pushed into the gras spotting fish was hard, even with the ability to see color.  Gary had a great first day catching four fish […]

Spring Big Redfish?

Although spring is not typically the big fish season we still have been able to target them.  We have had great weather enabling us to run farther and fish each spot more thoroughly.   Here is another addition to the Dirty Thirty club with Matt Scriven’s 31.5 lber.

Key West

Well the weather was perfect, the tarpon were there, but we just couldn’t make it happen.  We did get this nice size bull shark to eat and also picked up a snook in the everglades on the way back.  So it wasn’t a complete failure.

Spring Redfish Action

Spring fishing is here.  The grasses have grown high enough to filter the water and the slot fish are happily swimming around, some singles, some doubles, and some in schools of 10 or more.  Spring fishing is a different game then big fish.  Fly presentation is much more difficult when you have to compete with […]

More Late Season Big Redfish

March 18 After scouting this area for the past 3 days with the other group I stumbled upon a really good looking spot at the end of the third day.  With water on the rise I knew it wouldn’t hold up for long.  So I made one last trip to the area.  As soon as […]

Late Season Big Redfish

Sorry again for the post delays but just got back from the Keys. Time to ketchup.  These guys came down March 15-17 and they took full advantage of what our fishery had to offer.  We experienced some weather that opened up some opportunities that would otherwise not be there.  Over these three days we landed […]

Hit or Miss Fly fishing in Louisiana

  I have been really busy fishing these past two weeks.  Our trips have been anything but consistant.  We have had clear days with good shots to fish who wont eat.  We have had cloudy windy days that even though we were blind casting we still boated many fish.  And we have had clear days […]

Biloxi Marsh Still Producing Big Redfish

With very few fishable days in the past few weeks we have had to do some serious running to track down the fish we want to catch.  Water clarity is already becoming an issue with this warmer then normal winter.  Looks like spring is coming in fast.  Going to have to get my Poppers and […]

Big Fish Small Numbers

It is that time of year when the winds blow, the water starts getting stained, and the big fish start heading out.  We have had very few good weather days this month but here is one.  We had limited shots on big fish but we were still able to make some eat.

Recent Biloxi Marsh Action

  Here are some pics from last two weeks. We had good, bad, and ugly weather.  We did what we could to make the most out of the bad and ugly and it turned out to be pretty good.  You gotta love topwater no matter what size the fish are.  

Keeping it Interesting

We had to make the most of this windy partly cloudy day.  When the sun popped out we looked for redfish and when the clouds blocked the sun we blind casted for trout.  We were successful at both but would of rather spot fished all day.  Still a pretty entertaining day though.

Mike is Back for Seconds

After coming in during early December and just spanking them, Mike literally couldn’t wait to come back. Day one was bad weather, we had some shots but not many. Day 2 was a totally different story. Within about 2 minutes of turning the engine off we spot a big fish laid up on a bar. […]

Warm Winter Redfish

After catching plenty of little fish Chuck got a hook into this big fish.                                                         With some really strong wins we made the day by landing this 42 […]

New Year, Same Big Redfish

Recent pics…   Start it off with a quick duck hunt I had on a bad weather day. Roll Tide.  

Summer Temps Lead to Winter Fish

I had Will and Andrew from Chicago on the boat this weekend.  Mother nature dealt us a hand we could not help but take advantage of.  Got on the water to calm winds and temps running in the mid 70′s.  Luckily for us the red fish were as happy as we were about the warmer […]

Winter Bull Reds in Summer Temperatures

The weather has been extremely warm for November but this isn’t stopping giant fish from moving into the shallows. Here are just a few of the 20+lb fish we caught last week.

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