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Early Fall Action

It is that time of the year when the shrimp boats are holding massive black fin and yellowfin tuna. We didn’t hook a yellowfin on the fly on this day, but a 20+ lb blackfin was certainly a battle on the 12wt.

The redfish have been schooling in certain areas. The schools mostly consist of males between 10-15lbs. Although there are a few 30+lb females around, the smaller males usually hit the fly first. It should be any day now that the majority of the big 25+lb fish will be transitioning to the interior marsh.

Obviously there has been some Black drum and Jacks around too…

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Going for Fly Fishing Records

I’ve had the pleasure of having some women anglers on board that were willing to attempt some record breaking.  We did it but come to find out you haven’t done anything until you document.  Tejal and Kevin were the first group to attempt the record and although Kevin caught 2 that would of done it Tejal was about 4 lbs shy with the one good one she landed. She did break off a few that may have done it but I guess we will never know.  Cindy and Buddy were the second crew.  We caught a few 20s early in the day and about mid way through the afternoon we hook a good one.  We land it and weigh it and it did it!  30 lb bull redfish on 20 lb tippett.  We run to a beach to document the weight and we video ourselves measuring the length and girth, or so I thought.  Turns out we had the Iphone faced backwards while filming so instead of a video of measuring a fish we have a video of an arm going side to side.  It was pretty devastating but you live and you learn.

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More November Slobs


November was an absolutely incredible month as usual.  We had both single big girls floating around in back bays and schools of males busting under birds on the outside edges.  It’s crazy how much different these fish fight and look.  The males under the birds don’t have the size of the females but they make up for it with their unwillingness to give up the fight. The males also have a much more brilliant color.  It is something to see when a school of about 1000 bright red male redfish start busting up in front of you.

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Fly Fishing for Redfish in November

Here is some pictures from the first 2 weeks of November.  Had one flat full of sharks so we decided to stick one of those too. Trying to do a little picture catch up.

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Dennis and Jack Catching not Fishing

Dennis and Jack come to fish.  They are both very experienced fisherman and both fish hard.  Right out the gate Jack hooks up with a nice 25 lb fish.  After that we kinda had a slump with big fish.  We were consistently sticking fish but none were over 15 lbs.  Day 2 was better. The wind died and we were able to fish an area that I love to fish but it’s extremely weather dependent.  We had shot after shot on 10-15 lb fish and at a certain point we just started passing on the smaller fish looking for 20+ lb fish.  We stuck 2 good ones before the mullet boats moved in on us and ruined the fishing.  These mullet boats have to be some of the most inconsiderate fisherman I have ever seen, I’ve been burned too much by these guys this season.

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Happy Thanksgiving!!! Redfish Picture Catch Up

These pictures cover about 5 or 6 days during mid to late October.  We had a variety of fish with Mike catching a bunch of 18-24 lb fish and one that went very close to 30.  Jason came in on a less then desirable day with windy and cloudy conditions.  He made the most of the shots we had and he stuck this 24 lber.  Mark and I had a very interesting day… His wife kim was a mild Birder and after letting her off on the beach to check out some birds we take our eyes off of her for about a min and just like that she was about a mile down the beach which I was unable to get to due to the shallow water.  So Mark and I had to sit and wait.  Luckily earlier that day Mark got this 31 lber and Kim actually hooked (I SWEAR) what would of been a 20 lb tippet world record for women!!! Lost it on one single blade of grass.  Maybe next time…

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3 days Booked = 3 Incredible Days of Fly Fishing for Red Fish

It’s not too often you have clients book for the first time and arrive just after a bad weather window and leave just before the next front.  Jake and Samer nailed it!  Not only was the weather great but the fish were thick.  The first day we hit my usual spots and did well.  I think we caught 9 with about a 20 lb average.  The second day we were running to the usual spots and I scared a school of fish the size of a football field.  We shut down and started sticking.  We double up I don’t know how many times and I even pull a stick out and we get a triple once.  We spent all day in that area and ended with 27 fish (majority on poppers) with about a 20 lb average which equals 500+ lb day.  So the start of day three I didn’t know how to top day 2.  We decided to go for a 30 lber. The school fish we were fishing seemed to be maxing out at 27 lbs.  We went searching for big girls.  I check an area that I always drove by and never fished and we found them. Laid up sitting still in 5 ft of water with their tails barely scratching the surface.  It was incredible.  We push around passing on plenty hoping the next would be the 30.  We see one that looks good but I had to convince Jake to cast at it and Samer had to convince him to hook it.  Well once we get it in the boat I knew we had it.  A big headed 31 lb Louisiana Bull Redfish≥  It was a great way to end the trip.

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Fishing not Posting

I’ve been fishing way too much to post recent pics but here are some pics from early to mid October.  Also I had my sisters wedding which also hindered my posting.