Captain Lucas Bissett

Of my thirty-one years on this earth I have been fishing twenty-six. I learned from an extremely young age just how addicting fishing truly could be. I started my fishing tenure chasing large mouth bass in the back waters of Southern Louisiana. I knew from those first topwater blow-ups that fishing had to be a major part of my life. After getting my first fly-rod at 12, I discovered there was a whole new obsession out there and it was far stronger than I ever knew. Over the years I have lived in a few different states, but what has always remained the same was my passion for fishing and the relentless pursuit I put into catching the next fish. Going to college in Florida exposed me to the world of saltwater fishing where I got my first taste of an array of new species that all seemed to be hard fighting aggressive eating machines. After that first trip, I made it my goal to bring the excitement I experienced to others who weren’t able to experience it on their own. After college, I moved back to my true home and picked up where I had left off. The only difference this time was that I had a fly rod in my hand and I was ready to prowl the marshes of our coast in search of the fishing fix I was in desperate need off. Fly Fishing has brought me a level of excitement I can’t put into words, the only way to truly experience it is to come down here and do it!