The Hords of Bull reds have arrived on the Oyster Flats

Finally had a good weather day with calm winds clear skies and warming temps.  This was the switch that got the big fish moving.  Everywhere we stopped there were big fish floating and hungry.  We landed many fish but this was by far the most unique one.

Whacking the reds

Mr. Larry whacking the reds, catching lots of fish, but not catching lots of big fish. Water clarity being the key and it hasn’t been the best, some clean some not. Good enough to really pound these voracious eaters with double digit numbers of fish caught each trip! This time of year we need tide […]

Double Digit Redfish – Louisiana

Mr. Bob of Michigan giving the reds a lot of trouble, lots of fish caught and beautiful weather. Temps in the upper 70’s FANTASTIC weather ! water clarity coming around a little, for sure good enough for a day of sight fishing catching double digit red fish and having some real good shots at large […]

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