8/18-8/19 Redfish Tells

Both days have been extremely hot with the heat index reaching 110+ but when it is this hot it means there is no wind.  Is the heat miserable? Yes. Is the fishing good enough to make you forget about the heat? Yes.  When there is no wind it allows you to spot a redfish’s tell or movement from a far distance away.  Whether its a fish busting on a bank, finning on the surface, tailing looking for food, or just straight cruising with his huge triangle head wake, the lack of wind makes redfishing a more visual game then it already is.  Both days we saw all of these examples and multiple times at that.  We caught plenty of fish and never really noticed the bite shut down. The bite did slow down but never stopped all together.  At one point we saw so many fish actively feeding in a pocket we threw on a topwater and stuck one and missed another.  This was late morning too which is somewhat unusual.

Capt Miles