7-24 Morning Madness

This Morning couldn’t of worked out better. No wind with good cloud cover made it easy to see fish moving and still kept it bearably hot.  Seemed like from the time we got out there to the time we got chased in by a storm (7am-11am), It was non stop action. If we weren’t fighting a fish we were stalking one or taking a shot on one.  Graham had game too making long, very precise casts to pushing fish.  It made my job real easy, all i had to do was keep the boat moving, he was spotting them and getting the lure in front of them with almost no help from me.

Tide – Falling all morning


Water Temperature – 84-87


Wind – 0


Sun – slim to none


Water Visibility – Dirty 6 in the channels decent 8 in the pockets and skinny flats