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Hunting For Big Fish With Larry Dahlberg

I Had a great time with uncle Larry again.  This time we had had bad weather but more time (one full day and about 4 hrs his last day).  We made it happen.  We caught a fair amount of 15-20 lbers on a 10 inch wide glide which was just ridiculous because it is a huge bait and they weren’t hesitating at all.  We threw the fly a little and we did land about a 26 lber.  Larry has a great cast and we should have had more but our tu=ime ran out.  The highlight for sure is this 36 lber we sight casted with a small wide glide.  It was awesome.

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Some Offshore Fishing In my Inshore Boat

After putting a hurting to slot fish on spin gear and fly.  (Im talking tripling up on just straight jigg heads) we decide to go out and look for big reds.  We spot a huge group of birds working and found Bonitta, Spanish Mackeral and look down jacks tearing up bait in a school the size of a football field.  Needless to say we had to stop and get in on the action.  After many doubles boated and my finger almost getting bit off by a Spanish we make another move to some close in rigs to see if we couldn’t scare up a Cobia, well we got one.

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The Kerns Come fish Louisiana

After staying with Matt and Candace Kern in Rockport I told them they should come over and do one day Inshore fishing and we will do one day Offshore fishing.  Well the Inshore fishing was less then great due to a front that pushed the fish down, we did manage to land this nice size gar on the fly. The Offshore fishing the next day more then made up for the slow inshore bite.  This time of year brings in the shrimp boats that if you find the right one you can not only catch giant Blackfin Tuna on fly but if you have heavy enough stand up gear you can catch one of these MONSTER yellowfin tuna. This one went 165 lbs.