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Trophy Redfish Hunter From Japan

I had Mr Tadayoshi Sakurai on board for a stretch of 4 days.  Although he knew little english he did bring a translation book that he gave to me after i tried to explain left, right, 11 o’clock, etc.  So I looked up some directional words and went to work.  The only words I focused on was left, right, out in front, close, and far.  He was able to see the fish well so as long as I got him looking in the right direction he could usually lock in and make the cast.  We fished a new area each day due to conditions and did well each day.  The trophies for the trip were a 27 and 34 lb redfish and a monster 8.5 lbs sheepshead which would of been a state record had I known that the state record was only 8.15 lbs.

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Solo Scout Trip = Some Great Stills

Headed out on my own to get some footage of these beasts swimming around and maybe sticking one or two.  The weather was on and the fish were there.  Here are some stills that I thought came out pretty sweet.

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Color Blind Yet Seeing Red Fish

Had the pleasure of fishing with John and Gary these two days and with decent weather and decent tides we made our way to the big fish grounds.  With dirty water pushed into the gras spotting fish was hard, even with the ability to see color.  Gary had a great first day catching four fish equalling over 100 lbs with the big fish going 34 lbs.  John had a tough one. Turns out he is color blind and he was unable to see the glow these fish were putting off.  The second day was better though.  John and I worked on our communication and with his spot on casting and my directing to the fish we were able to hook 3 and land one going 28 lbs.  Good finish.

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Spring Big Redfish?

Although spring is not typically the big fish season we still have been able to target them.  We have had great weather enabling us to run farther and fish each spot more thoroughly.   Here is another addition to the Dirty Thirty club with Matt Scriven’s 31.5 lber.