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Key West

Well the weather was perfect, the tarpon were there, but we just couldn’t make it happen.  We did get this nice size bull shark to eat and also picked up a snook in the everglades on the way back.  So it wasn’t a complete failure.

Spring Redfish Action

Spring fishing is here.  The grasses have grown high enough to filter the water and the slot fish are happily swimming around, some singles, some doubles, and some in schools of 10 or more.  Spring fishing is a different game then big fish.  Fly presentation is much more difficult when you have to compete with […]

More Late Season Big Redfish

March 18 After scouting this area for the past 3 days with the other group I stumbled upon a really good looking spot at the end of the third day.  With water on the rise I knew it wouldn’t hold up for long.  So I made one last trip to the area.  As soon as […]

January – February 2012

January is usually Southeast Louisiana’s peak big redfish season and these pictures are proof.  February was tough this year with less then desirable weather but we managed to get a few good ones.

Late Season Big Redfish

Sorry again for the post delays but just got back from the Keys. Time to ketchup.  These guys came down March 15-17 and they took full advantage of what our fishery had to offer.  We experienced some weather that opened up some opportunities that would otherwise not be there.  Over these three days we landed […]

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