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Warm Winter Redfish

After catching plenty of little fish Chuck got a hook into this big fish.                                                         With some really strong wins we made the day by landing this 42 […]

New Year, Same Big Redfish

Recent pics…   Start it off with a quick duck hunt I had on a bad weather day. Roll Tide.  

Summer Temps Lead to Winter Fish

I had Will and Andrew from Chicago on the boat this weekend.  Mother nature dealt us a hand we could not help but take advantage of.  Got on the water to calm winds and temps running in the mid 70′s.  Luckily for us the red fish were as happy as we were about the warmer […]

Offshore Fishing Trips

Offshore fishing in the Mississippi river delta in lower Plaquemines Parish is one of the best offshore destinations in the world!  Captain Michael Pittman has been fishing these waters since high school and knows the waters thoroughly. The nutrients dumping out of the Mississippi river bring so much life to the waters around the delta […]

Inshore Spin Fishing

Let our Plaquemines Parish guides give you an experience that will have you leaving with not only memories but also dinner! We are equipped with bay boats fishing up to 5 people per boat. We will be using spinning gear with both artificial and live bait. The target species is most commonly trout but in […]

Fly Fishing Trips

  Come join one of our many experienced fly fishing guides and let them pole you into position for that fish of a lifetime! Fly Fishing Trips Spring/ Summer This time of year offers anglers the opportunity to see an abundant amount of fish. The name of the game is finding locations that have clean […]

November thru December Pictures

These months are some of the best months to target big bull redfish in both Plaquemines Parish and St Bernard parish. The water has cooled enough to clear up both fisheries and the big redfish have already made their way to the shallow marsh flats.

Mike’s last day of Louisiana redfishing

My buddy Mike from the shop is packing up and moving to Denver.  After fishing Louisiana marsh for years and never having a good opportunity on a trophy fish we decided to make it happen.  After adjusting our presentation from smacking the fish to actually leading the fish we started getting true refusals on the […]

Dec 30 -Jan 2

I fished these four days with two young men visiting from Japan. Since my clients spoke very little English, we had to rely on the basics of fishing to communicate.  During this four day trip, my only interactions with these young men consisted of “cast here”,” reel fast”, “reel slow”, “jig” and “set the hook.”  With […]

September through October Gallery

This is the transitional time when big redfish start to move from offshore waters onto the beaches then into the interior marsh for fall. You can not only find big redfish but also cruising sharks, Jacks, tripletail, and even Tarpon at times.

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