12 yr Old With a Huge Redfish He Caught on the Fly

I had a great time fishing with the Greens.  They were both great anglers but Daniel at the age of 12 is better then most adults I have seen.  Daniel can not only see the fish, accurately cast at the fish (with distance), but also remembers to strip set on the take. Needless to say we had a good day.  Big fish for Daniel which was also big fish for the day was this 28 lb beauty. 

Louisiana Fall Fly Fishing at Its Best

Guide day fun fish with Dini.

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Winter Bull Reds in Summer Temperatures

The weather has been extremely warm for November but this isn’t stopping giant fish from moving into the shallows. Here are just a few of the 20+lb fish we caught last week.

Recent Trips

Here are some recent trips I have taken.  The fish are glowing and floating. They also seem to be very hungry!















Oct 13 Scout Trip

Rocky and I had a decent weather day off  and decided to make a run and see what we find.  120 miles later we had few shots but did manage to get this 47.5 lb black drum and 22 lb Red.  Not bad but was hoping to see more.