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Safety Men Throw Caution Into The Wind…by Captain Lucas Bissett

Took out Dr. Dave and Seth today and we were met by a stiff ENE wind.  The weather man told a fishing story again today by forecasting diminishing winds.  The only thing that diminished was the sun behind the partly cloudy skies.  All that being said, my guys looked past all that and managed some […]

Great fishing = Guide Party

[SlideDeck id=’1967′ width=’100%’ height=’300px’] Both these days we were fortunate to have perfect weather with mostly clear skies and 0 winds at times.  Although the first day it took us a few hrs to find them once we did we were all over them.  Needless to say we headed to the same spot the following […]

Dirty Water Bull Reds

My friend Nick was nice enough to join for a scout day today.  I told him off the bat it will be a lot of looking with very little fishing.  He agreed.  Like I said we did a lot of looking. Traveling almost 100 miles finding only one group of fish.  But they were good […]

Captain Miles LaRose

Captain Miles LaRose Born and raised in the great state of Louisiana, Captain LaRose grew up on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain, only 25 miles outside of New Orleans. With access to freshwater fish in the river and coastal fishing in the lake, he has longtime life experience catching fish. Take a look at […]

Captain Rocky Thickstun

Captain Rocky Thickstun Captain Thicksun grew up in a family passionate about hunting and fishing. He has fished all over the world, and after realizing that Louisiana bountiful amounts of redfish, today he helps other people to experience his passion for catching fish.

Captain Greg Dini

I was born in Orlando, Florida and began fishing at a very young age. I graduated to the saltwater environment at the age of 10, when our family bought a condo on the east coast of Florida. I mastered my home waters of Mosquito Lagoon while in high school and made trips every other weekend […]

Season On The Edge

I have spent the last 3 out of 4 days being a chase boat for Capt Greg Dini while he was filming an episode of Season On The Edge.  The mistake the host Ken made was telling Dini he wanted him to fish (big mistake). This picture is a great example of how our days […]

Overcast Skies, High Winds, and Bull Redfish

Yesterday we fished and caught plenty of small fish but no big fish.  Although we saw and presented flies perfectly to them we had no strikes at all.  So after a little tweaking of my fly patterns we started day two.  All weather forecast we saw were wrong. We had little to no sun all day and […]

Oct 6-7

Day one started off with a bang with the first cast catching this 20 lb stud. After this start it was tough to beat. We managed to catch plenty of fish but none this big.  Due to the wind we did have to break out the spin gear but we did keep it interesting by […]

Whacking the reds

Mr. Larry whacking the reds, catching lots of fish, but not catching lots of big fish. Water clarity being the key and it hasn’t been the best, some clean some not. Good enough to really pound these voracious eaters with double digit numbers of fish caught each trip! This time of year we need tide […]

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Double Digit Redfish – Louisiana

Mr. Bob of Michigan giving the reds a lot of trouble, lots of fish caught and beautiful weather. Temps in the upper 70’s FANTASTIC weather ! water clarity coming around a little, for sure good enough for a day of sight fishing catching double digit red fish and having some real good shots at large […]

New Orleans Experience

With this trip option, you will not only be able to fish the remote Louisiana marshes, but you will also enjoy the food, culture, and nightlife in the New Orleans downtown area. We will arrange a pick-up for you and your guests at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (MSY) or driving directions can be […]

Biloxi Marsh Camping Trip

  We can meet you at Penny’s Cafe in Violet, at Breton Sound Marina, or make other arrangements based on your convenience. We will head out early in the morning and travel straight to the camping grounds to drop off our gear. After this, the fishing begins. Camping in the remote Louisiana marshes will provide […]

Half Day – $450

About 5-6 hours of on the water time. If you’re staying at a hotel in New Orleans, we can pick you up at the front door. If you are located elsewhere in or around the city, we can meet for breakfast at Penny’s in Violet, La. We recommended half-day trips for Spring/Summer due to hot […]

Full Day – $575

About 7-8 hours of on the water time. Again, we can arrange to meet you for breakfast at Penny’s or pick you up in town. We recommend full-day trips for Fall/Winter due to longer runs to the fishing grounds and cooler temperatures. Also in the fall and winter, the fish tend to be more active […]

Shallow South Spring Redfishing

Shallow South Springing Redfish from Shallow South on Vimeo. This is a short film showing the great opportunity for fly fisherman in the Louisiana marsh. Filmed in the Spring/Summer season produced by Dalton Nix with the help of some local New Orleans guides Capt Miles LaRose, Capt Rocky Thickstun and Capt Greg Moon.

Captain Greg Moon

Captain Greg Moon Captain Moon was raised on the beaches of California. He has been catching fish his entire life. He graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Philosophy from the University of Santa Barbara, and he moved to New Orleans over four years ago.

Captain Lucas Bissett

Of my thirty-one years on this earth I have been fishing twenty-six. I learned from an extremely young age just how addicting fishing truly could be. I started my fishing tenure chasing large mouth bass in the back waters of Southern Louisiana. I knew from those first topwater blow-ups that fishing had to be a […]

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