7-24 Morning Madness

This Morning couldn’t of worked out better. No wind with good cloud cover made it easy to see fish moving and still kept it bearably hot.  Seemed like from the time we got out there to the time we got chased in by a storm (7am-11am), It was non stop action. If we weren’t fighting a fish we were stalking one or taking a shot on one.  Graham had game too making long, very precise casts to pushing fish.  It made my job real easy, all i had to do was keep the boat moving, he was spotting them and getting the lure in front of them with almost no help from me.

Tide – Falling all morning


Water Temperature – 84-87


Wind – 0


Sun – slim to none


Water Visibility – Dirty 6 in the channels decent 8 in the pockets and skinny flats 




7-20 Warming Water

Another great morning with fish moving everywhere.  They were not tailing like the weekend but they were floating just under the surface and with the low winds it was easy to spot the little flickers of a tail following a bronze hump in the water.  We caught most our fish early and as the water warmed the bite slowed down.  So after grabbing a gator to get Edward a closer look we headed in just before noon.

Tide – Little tide movement but the water was higher then normal


Water Temperature – 82-89


Wind – 0-5


Sun – Mostly sunny


Water Visibility – 6


7-17 Skinny water Redfish

Had another great morning. The Nolans had no problem catching these fish in the shade.

Tide – End of falling, beginning of rising


Water Temperature – 80-83


Wind – 0 – 10mph


Sun – Mostly overcast early with a few spots of sun then scattered thunderstorms forced us in around 11:45


Water Visibility  (0-10) – 7.5

7-16 Butterball Redfish

Had a good day today with Jim Wagner and his son Henry.  We found a good school of fish early and they were actually eating!  After busting a school of fish Henry made quick work of getting on the board.

Jim had to step it up with this 9.5lber. (slot fish)

Tide – End of falling, beginning of rising


Water Temperature – 79-82


Wind – 0 – 5mph


Sun – Slight overcast early clearing up to mostly sunny then scattered thunderstorms forced us in around 11;30


Water Visibility  (0-10) – 7


July through August Gallery

This time of year is hot! Not just temperature hot but fishing hot. The interior marsh redfish settle into their summer patterns and you can find them tailing, backing and pushing almost everywhere.
[nggallery id=2]

Summer Slam

Fishing has been real consistant with mornings being full of action and as the day goes on the fishing slowing down.  Yesterday Moon and I had a great day with little wind, plenty of fish and Moon’s incredible shrimp pattern fly.  We had no problem getting our red in the morning, but trying to get a sheepshead to eat in mid summer is no easy task. Moon got it done. After looking for big drum for a little while we moved into a pond that is known to hold little drum. Didn’t take long before the slam was complete. We accomplished all of this before 11:30am.

Turks and Caicos

I had the pleasure of visiting the Turks and Caicos Islands. Although the fishing was tough with high winds and what seemed like the tail end of bonefish season, the trip was still amazing.  Caught the bonefish on a blind cast.



Perfect Summer Morning

With the afternoon rains the day before, the morning started out nice and cool.  With calm winds and clear skies we knew it was going to be a perfect summer day.  Tough bite with the poppers but once we switched to a shrimp pattern it was game on.

Good Showing for Poor Weather

We started early yesterday hoping to get in a full day before the storms built up. Well we didn’t get a full day but we had a pretty exciting 2 hours.  It was an overcast morning which made it next to impossible to see the fish but due to the low winds we could spot tails and other classic red fish movement which gave us a targets to cast at.  Brock made the best of each target placing casts in perfect positions to catch a total of 4 fish.  When I say this kid can fish that is not even compared to other kids he can fish better then some seasoned vets I know.

Here is a video of us coming up on a school of about 15 fish tailing and Brock making the most of it…

Morning Redfish Action

Moon and I hit the water early to try and get some action before the heat became unbearable.  Well lets just say we got what we were looking for. Sneak peak of summer footage

More Heat = Less Active Fish

Fished the usual areas yesterday. The wind shifted out to the north which is good if it can get some water out of the marsh.  Seems lately with these higher waters the schooled fish have broken up and spread out.  Although we still saw around 40-50 fish today the majority of those fish were extremely spooky. But classic redfish there is always a few that will cooperate.